What is exercise rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a progressive exercise and/or stretching program designed to restore peak health and function. According to the academy of medical royal colleges exercise is the closest thing to a miracle cure(1). Here at Back to Life we harness the power of exercise so that we can treat a variety of injuries with our clients. Strength training is particularly useful, as it can cure injuries and can even prevent them from ever occurring.

How can it benefit you?

  • Movement reduces pain and inflammation
  • Stretching increases range of motion and decreases stiffness
  • Strengthening improves muscle weakness and spasm
  • Injury prevention
  • Weight management
  • Better sleep and anti stress
  • Most importantly better health!


Why Back to Life?

Our qualified and insured staff will work with you in our fully equipped gym at The Fitness Lodge. So that we can train any part of the body, whether it will be a stubborn shoulder injury or a more complex posture problem.

How often will an exercise rehab session need to be, and how many?

A recent 2018 study showed that training less than 45 mins a week produced the same strength and muscular endurance increases as training 5 times as much(2). So in most cases once a week should suffice, but sometimes twice a week is needed for certain injuries or fitness goals. The amount of sessions required depends on the injury and/or goal of the patient, so please contact us to find out more.





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