Improving function of the spine to help pain.

By Reiss C Gridley, B.Sc.

One of the functions of the spine is its ability to be flexible. This is so that we can pick something up from the floor or rotate our head to check a blind spot when driving. Pain can sometimes reduce our spinal flexibility and sometimes our lack of movement can cause pain. So its essential that our spines move well not only to prevent pain but to help treat pain.

A study by Gordon and Bloxham highlights that ‘Improving the flexibility of the lumbar spine and hamstrings can significantly reduce chronic lower back pain by 18.5%–58%.’

John, is a current patient at the clinic, has had surgery in the past for his debilitating back pain and sciatica. Although he had back surgery, he still was having to take time of work for the pain.

His case highlights how effective improvements in flexibility can be at reducing pain. After one treatment using shockwave therapy and a weekend of doing 4 minutes of exercise a day. He could return to work on the Monday without thinking about the pain throughout the whole day.

If your struggling to bend forwards without pain or are having trouble looking over your shoulder whilst driving, please get book in to see if we can help you.


Gordon R and Bloxham S. A Systematic Review of the Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity on Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain. Healthcare (Basel). 2016 Jun; 4(2): 22.

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